I. Your choice

If you think your alcohol use is putting you at risk of experiencing health, social, work and family problems, this guide will help you to understand more about your alcohol use behavior and give you some ideas about how to change your problems.

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Changing the alcohol use behavior can seem scary or difficult, but it is possible. Every small step you make will lead to a fruitful change in your life.

* If you are dependent on alcohol, you should definitely stop or reduce your drinking under the help of professionals. If you have any withdrawal symptoms or do not feeling well during the abstinence, please seek help from professionals.

II. Do you need to do something about your alcohol use?

First, you need to understand about the ‘definition of Alcoholism’ and ‘Alcohol and your health’. You can also use the following alcohol calories calculator to find out how many calories you consume per week from alcohol beverages.

*Calorimeter for reference only

*Calorimeter for reference only

Alcohol beverages supply calories but few nutrients and may contribute to unwanted weight gain. It will affect our body's fat and sugar metabolism efficiency.

Problems of abusing alcohol

You can write down any problems relating to your alcohol use.

III. Your drinking habit

Understand more about your drinking habit can help you to control your drinking.

Alcohol spending calculator

How much do you spend on alcohol each week, month, or year? You can use the following calculator to figure out your average spending on alcohol.

You can know more about your own drinking risk through the following drinking test (AUDIT).

drinking test (AUDIT).

IV. Reasons for drinking

Understand the reasons behind why you drink can help you to control your drinking. The followings are some common reasons why people choose to drink. You can also add any of your own reasons at the end of the list.

V. Your decisions

You now understand more about your drinking. You know how much you drink and why you drink.

Do you want to continue on drinking or you can cut down or stop drinking alcohol?

What will be the good and bad about reducing or stopping drinking?

Online counseling

If you are a dependent drinker, you should definitely stop or reduce your drinking under the help of professionals.

Online counseling

If you would like to know more about our alcohol treatment services, you can fill in the following items and send it to us. All your personal data shall be kept highly confidential.

I am willing to send the content of the self- help guide to the social worker of T.W.G.Hs Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Treatment Services


VI. Self- control Tips

- Record the amount of alcohol you have drunk every day and understand the reasons behind your drinking

- Know the alcohol content of the beverages and choose drinks with a lower alcohol content

- Try to eat before drinking

- Alternate your alcoholic drinks with non- alcoholic drinks

- Mix your drink with ice or water to lower its alcohol content

- Sip your drinks slowly

- Avoid rounds, top-ups and re-fills

- Change your lifestyle in order to reduce your desire of drinking

- Seek help from professionals when necessary

More to know:

Alcohol affects your fetus’s health. It causes major and permanent birth defects, growth impairment, developmental problems and fetal alcohol syndromes.

Alcohol interacts with or affects the metabolism of many drugs, which results in increased toxicity, illness and even death

You should not drink before or when engaging in activities that require attention, skill and coordination. Alcohol impairs your reactions, perceptions, concentration, vision and hearing, etc. and therefore endangers yourself and others from these activities.

Source: Department of Health

VII. Alcohol Unit Calculation Apps

If you wish to understand more about the disadvantages of drinking alcohol and calculate how much do you drink, you can download the ‘Alcohol Unit Calculation’.

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